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Frequently Asked Questions



  1. What do u need to rent a car at wop3car?
  1. A valid driver’s license
  2. Location in Ghana
  3. Minimum age requirements
  4. Acceptable modes of payment (Visa, Expresspay, mobile money, cash)
  2. Can you rent a car with cash?
  1. Yes you can with a minimum deposit payment at point of delivery of car
  2. Proof of License and copy will be required
  3. Witness information required
  4. Proof of residence
  3. What forms of payment are available to rent a car?
  1. Hubtel online payment (visa, master card, mobile money)
  2. Wop3car Mobile Money
  3. Cash on delivery
  4. How do I cancel my booking?
  1. Directly online via booking cancellation services
  2. Email to info@wop3car.com
  3. Call customer care on +233 55 1478540
  5. Do I pay a fee for returning a rented car late?
  1. Late returning attracts an extra 10% fee per hour
  6. What are the business days & time to rent a car?
  1. Business are from Monday - Saturdays
  2. Time is 8:30am - 9pm each day
  7. Will the car be delivered to my location?

1. Yes car will be delivered to your desired location

  8. Can I upload my car for renting out?

Yes and see next FAQ for instructions

  9. How do I upload my car for renting out?
    1. In the services section there is a simple guided form to fill out online
    2. You can also contact us via email: info@wop3car.com or call at +233 55 147 8540
    3. Chat with us live in the chat box and on whatsapp
  10. How can I obtain a receipt for payment charges?
  1. An email of your receipt and transactions will be sent to you.
  2. Sms notification of transaction will be sent to your contact number
  11. How do I contact wop3car for information?
  1. Online at wop3car.com
  2. On social media via instagram, facebook & twitter
  3. Call us on 055 147 8540
  4. Email to info@wop3car.com
  12. What do I do about fuel?
    1. Cars will be delivered fully fueled for clients
    2. Cars are expected to be returned in the same condition (i.e; fully fueled)
  13. How are issues of damage to cars by clients addressed
  1. If damage is caused by client, the client is required to pay for the damage.
  2. If client proves damage is caused by a third party, insurance will cater for the damage.
  3. All cars provided are required to be comprehensively insured.
  4. Client must notify Wop3car immediately of any damage caused within 24hrs.


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